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Virtual Adventures

What is a "Virtual adventure"?

We're glad you asked! A virtual adventure is essentially an online escape room that can be played anywhere in the world from whatever room you feel most comfortable. Because of COVID-19 we needed to think a little more outside the box and adapt to the ways the world has/is changing. VOILA! A virtual escape room! 

How it works:

This game will be played via ZOOM and can be played with a variety of different audiences, even those in different states or countries! For the  best experience, a desktop or a laptop is preferred. Once booked, you will receive an invite from BCE to a ZOOM MEETING. Each participant will then log on to ZOOM at the designated time(or a few minutes before), along with BCE and your game will start. THAT EASY! 

Recommendations: Turn off unnessesary wi-fi connections. This will make the virtual experience a little better as your wi-fi isn't so bogged down. You may also want headphones- to hear your game master clearer so you don't miss a thing! You may also want to gather a pen and paper for the experience as well. 

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